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Many of our neighbors in the vicinity, who had also recently built new custom homes, remarked to us about the high quality, meticulous job Pat and his crew were doing. Being familiar with the building process themselves, they marveled about how Pat went above and beyond what the average builder would do and commented on many occasions that he 'builds a beautiful house.'
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QualityHickory Hill Builders never compromises its quality standards, ever.

Quality is more than what you see on the outside; Hickory Hills’ quality standards begin at the drawing board and flow through each stage of the building process, with careful and deliberate precision. Hickory Hill does not cut corners.




How many builders will offer references before beginning a project?

Hickory Hill will.

Hickory Hill Builders stands behind each home they have crafted, commercial projects they have completed, and remodeling jobs they have undertaken.

Hickory Hill Builders is the company other builders call when they want THEIR homes built.


Hickory Hill Builders do all the work themselves.  They do not subcontract out the work.

How does this benefit you? 

Hickory Hill Builders is on top of every nail, every board, every detail that goes into your house.  They will build your home as if they were going to live in it themselves.   A testament to the quality of their work is in the number of home buyers who have returned to Hickory Hill two and three times!



Hickory Hill Builders, Inc.
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